Age Divisions & League Structure

Fall Ball is WMLL’s version of Little League’s Training & Development Program.  Fall Ball focuses on the development of players (over competition) & emphasizes skill development during play (rather than at practices).  Since player development is the priority, coaches are encouraged to give all players an opportunity to play a variety of positions & standings will not be kept.

Age Divisions
Since Fall Ball has a developmental focus, players are placed into Fall Ball leagues based upon what their Little League age will be for the next spring/summer season (more info HERE).  In special instances, some leagues may also consider player skill level, the number of registrants in a league & parental requests when making league assignments.






Special Requests
During registration, players may only be registered in the standard Little League age-based league (per above).  Parents who wish to request that their child be allowed to play in a league above or below their age-based league should email their child’s name & the special league request to WMLL’s registrar at after completing registration.

League Response
When a special request is made, a WMLL official will contact the parent to discuss the request.  WMLL believes that in the vast majority of cases it is best for players to play in their age appropriate league & may refuse special placement requests for safety, competitive balance and/or compliance reasons.