Fall Ball Rules

Unless Dane County and/or State of Wisconsin restrictions change, Fall Ball will consist entirely of within team scrimmages on a modified playing field using modified rules.

Modified Playing Field

To maintain physical distancing, a modified field layout will be used that consists of a second set of bases for use by the defensive squad (spaced 10-feet away from the standard bases which are used by the offensive squad), a 6’ 6” flat barrier to keep the batter & catcher apart during at-bats, and delineated player “drop spots” (spread at least six feet apart) along the outside perimeter of the playing field fence for player seating & equipment storage.

Modified Rules of Play

The modified playing rules (HERE) are mandatory at WMLL scrimmages as well as at practices as applicable.  The rules include prohibitions on off-field pregame warmups, bunting, tag plays, stealing & advancing on dropped third strikes & introduce dead ball & player freeze safety stops and mandatory hand sanitizing requirements. These modified rules supplement & in any areas of conflict override both WMLL local rules (below) & national Little League rules.

Event & Equipment Requirements

The requirements (HERE) for gathering limits, face coverings/masks, physical distancing, handwashing & equipment are mandatory at all times for everyone at the WMLL ballpark or any WMLL event.

WMLL Local Rules

All national Little League rules, as described in the current season rulebook, apply unless specifically changed in WMLL’s local rules. The WMLL Safety Plan contains further regulations which will be enforced as local rules.

Rookie League: Local Rules
Minor League: Local Rules
Major League: Local Rules
Junior League: Local Rules
Senior League: Local Rules

Rookie League: Local Rules
Minor League: Local Rules
Major League: Local Rules
Junior League: South Central Girls Softball League U14 Rules / South Central Girls Softball League website
Senior League:  not currently active