Game & practice overview

Unless Dane County and/or State of Wisconsin restrictions change, Fall Ball will consist entirely of within team scrimmages on a modified playing field using modified rules.

Teams & Squads

Each team will consist of two paired squads.  Each squad will have a roster of up to 12 players & its own coaching staff.  Teams & squads will be formed by League Coordinators using players evaluations and/or information provided by parents during registration to distribute more & less skilled players evenly across teams.


Scrimmages will have a game-like look & feel but will be played on a modified playing field using modified rules. All scrimmages will be limited to play between the two squads on the same team.  There will be no forfeits due to player shortages.  Replacement players from other teams may NOT be used, but coaches can distribute players across squads and/or play with less than a full defensive unit if needed.


Practices, if held, will likely be infrequent.  Practice plans are up to each squad’s coaches who will decide if, when, where & how much to practice & if practices will be organized at the squad or team level.  Practices must adhere to all WMLL rules & requirements no matter where they are held.

Baseball & softball games

Almost all games are played on the WMLL diamonds at 701 Forward Drive. The primary exception is in cases of extreme number of rainouts, where games may be played at alternative fields in an effort to get them all in.  Typically, all teams play one weeknight and one weekend day each week over a 12-game season that begins with opening day on August 24 & ends on October 11.

Junior & Senior League softball games are primarily played on weeknights (on one pre-determined day of the week) against other area teams.  Away games are played at their opponents’ home fields.  

Baseball & softball practices

Since Fall Ball has a very short preseason & is a slightly less competitive version of the spring /summer season with a more developmental focus, games are the primary focus & practices are infrequent.  A team’s practice schedule & the location of their practices are determined by that team’s coach.  The first practice is likely to occur after the August 16 end of Summer Ball & before Opening Day on August 24.