Team Formation (Fall)


Unlike the spring/summer season, there are no Skills Session or league drafts for Fall Ball.  Instead, Fall Ball teams are formed by the league coordinators of the individual Fall Ball leagues.

League coordinators work hard to create balanced teams & competitive leagues.  To do this, they use players evaluations and/or information provided by parents during registration to distribute more & less skilled players evenly across teams.  While doing this, league coordinators also strive to accommodate buddy requests.


Immediately after league coordinators form teams, players are notified of their team assignment via TeamSnap.  Soon after this, coaches email the families of the players on their team to introduce themselves & provide information on team meetings, practices, etc.  Please be patient & allow league officials & coaches the time they need to form teams & communicate with families!


If you have questions about anything related to the skills session, league draft, player notifications or the upcoming season, please contact the appropriate league coordinator.

Rookie baseball: Robb Vogel ( & Sean Michael Dargan (
Minor baseball: Mark Schauder ( & Todd Conkey (
Major baseball: Mark Newburg ( & Harry Miller (
Junior baseball: Jerry Schmitt (
Senior baseball: Joan Farrell (
Rookie softball: Nate Judnic (
Minor softball: Katie Johnson (
Major softball: Barry Vredenbregt (
Junior & Senior softball: Scott Fossum (