FAQ’s about WMTT

What does WMTT stand for?

WMTT stands for West Madison Travel Teams. Travel teams are called that because they play games against teams from unaffiliated leagues/organization, rather than other teams belonging to the same league/organization (like WMLL) – typically by traveling to play in weekend tournaments. Travel teams tend to be better prepared & more competitive than teams that play in a local league. As such, travel teams usually practice during their offseason when they are not playing games.

Who is WMTT suited for?

WMTT is designed for WMLL players & families looking for additional opportunities for fun, skill development & personal growth through baseball & softball beyond WMLL’s current spring/summer & fall seasons of play.

What is included in the WMTT season?

The 2021/2022 WMMT season begins in January with 10-12 indoor winter practice sessions until weather permits outdoor practices, followed by outdoor practices & tournament play from mid-April thru mid-August.

Can a player play both WMLL & WMTT?

Yes! WMTT will supplement, not replace WMLL’s spring/summer & fall seasons of play. In fact, any player wanting to participate in WMTT must also be an active participant in WMLL’s spring/summer season. WMTT players are also encouraged, but not required, to participate in WMLL’s fall season.

Is it true that WMTT teams will largely replace WMLL’s traditional “all-star” teams?

In many ways, yes. In most cases, WMTT teams will replace WMLL’s traditional “all-star” tournament teams in all non-District tournament play.  In doing this, WMTT teams will expand the player experience by providing more development/practice time and more tournament play than WMLL’s traditional “all-star” tournament teams.

  • WMLL will continue to form & field traditional “all-star” baseball tournament teams for the official Little League (District / State / Regional / World Series) tournament series at the LL age 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16 levels. These “all-star” tournament teams will, however, no longer play in any tournaments besides the official Little League tournament series. 
  • The WMLL Board may also elect to field a traditional “all-star” tournament team at any of age level when either a WMTT team does not exist at that age level or there is sufficient non-WMTT player & coach interest to do so.

How many tournaments will WMTT teams play in?

All WMTT teams will be entered in four tournaments, which typically offer a three-game guarantee per tournament. WMTT teams may enter up to two additional tournaments per season with the approval of the WMTT committee if funding is obtained from team families or team fundraising without financial support from WMTT.

  • All tournaments will be scheduled to avoid conflicts with WMLL spring/summer season regular season & league tournament games as well as, for the relevant age levels, WMLL District team formation, practice & play.

How often will WMTT teams practice?

WMTT teams will practice once a week for 60-90 minutes during the winter & then, from mid-April thru mid-August, on a schedule determined by each team’s coaching staff, not to exceed once a week – with the option to add an additional special practice in the week prior to any tournament.

What is WMTT’s approach towards players who participate in other sports / activities?

WMTT supports players who as students have academic responsibilities & as well-rounded individuals participate in other sports / activities. As such, WMTT understands that players may need to miss practices from time to time. This is not a problem. It is important for players & families to understand, however, that their commitment to practice shows both on & off the field. The best players will see more playing time in tournaments…and these players are most often the players who regularly attend practice.

What age level teams will WMTT have?

WMTT’s objective is to provide teams at the 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U & 16U levels in baseball & the 10U, 11U, 12U & 14U levels in softball. WMTT’s ability to provide teams at these age levels is contingent upon having a sufficient number of interested players & coaches at each of these age levels. As the WMTT program launches & grows, it is anticipated that that there will not be sufficient players & coaches at all age levels to support teams.

How is player age determined for WMTT?

WMTT utilizes the same age determination dates as WMLL which are those established by Little League International (& which differ between baseball & softball).

  • Baseball: For the 2021/2022 WMTT season, a baseball player’s age is their age as of August 31, 2022 (which is the same as their LL age for WMLL’s 2021 fall season & 2022 spring/summer season).
  • Softball: For the 2021/2022 WMTT season, a softball player’s age is their age as of December 31, 2021 (which is the same as their LL age for WMLL’s 2021 fall season & 2022 spring/summer season).
  • Note: WMTT allows both baseball & softball players to request playing up one year in age. This request will be reviewed & decided on a case-by-case basis by WMTT’s officers.

Who can participate in WMTT?

Any player that is eligible to play at WMLL can try out for a WMTT team (this means that WMTT baseball players must live or attend school in the Madison West, Madison Memorial or Middleton-Cross Plains high school attendance areas). Players who make a WMTT team must commit to actively participating in the WMLL spring/summer season that immediately follows the fall tryout at which they were selected for a WMTT team. For the 2021/2022 WMTT season, this is the 2022 WMLL spring/summer season.

How much does WMTT cost?

The 2021/2022 WMTT program fee is $475 per player for baseball & $460 per player for softball. The difference in price is due to the fact that baseball uniforms include a cap & softball uniforms do not. The fee will be paid in two installments via TeamSnap as follows:

  • Initial payment of $275 for baseball / $260 for softball due Nov 1 to secure placement on a team
  • Final payment of $200 due Dec 15

Will there be an additional fee for uniforms?

No, the program fee includes a jersey, cap, & socks for all WMTT baseball players and a jersey & socks for all WMTT softball players. Players must, however, provide their own helmet & pants.

Is scholarship support available?

Yes, WMTT is pleased to offer scholarship support to qualifying families needing financial assistance to pay program fees. WMLL scholarships cover three-quarters of WMTT program fees – $355 for baseball & $345 for softball. Families pay the remaining quarter of the fees – $120 for baseball & $115 for softball.

  • To qualify for a WMTT scholarship, a family must qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches, SNAP, WIC, Medicaid or a State Health Plan, or have Foster Child Paperwork.
  • During the registration process qualifying families must request scholarship consideration & make a first payment of $65 for baseball / $60 for softball on or before Nov 1 to secure placement on a team. WMTT will then follow-up to confirm scholarship eligibility.
  • A second payment of $55 must then be made on or before Dec 15

Who will coach WMTT teams?

All WMTT coaches are qualified & experienced volunteers who have submitted an application & undergone a background check. It is anticipated that each team will have a head coach supported by a coaching staff with coaching done by group effort. Once team rosters are set, coaching staffs will be selected by the WMTT committee & WMLL Board officers.

  • If you have interest in being a WMTT head coach, assistant coach or coach helper, please register to be considered by clicking HERE.

Do players have to try out to be selected to a WMLL team?

Yes! All players wishing to participate in WMTT must attend ONE tryout session. At the tryouts, players will be evaluated over a number of skill stations that include fielding, pitching, catching, batting, & general overall athleticism using a standard evaluation format (with some slight difference between softball & baseball).

  • The primary tryout dates for the 2021/2022 season are Sunday, October 3 & Sunday, October 10. 
  • For any players unable to attend one of these primary tryout sessions, a special alternate make-up session will be held on Wednesday, October 6. 
  • Click HERE a list of times by age level.

How do I register my child for a tryout session?

It’s easy! Just click HERE & answer the simple questions

What should I do if I registered my child for a WMTT tryout, but need to change the tryout date?

This isn’t a problem. Simply email the change request to Todd Conkey at tconkey@mac.com.

Where can I get more info about WMTT?

Additional information on the WMTT program is available HERE.  If you have questions about WMTT after that, please contact Todd Conkey at tconkey@mac.com or 608/338-6225