Fall Season FAQ’s

Who is eligible to play at WMLL?  See “Eligibility” HERE

How much does it cost to play at WMLL?  See “Fees & Discounts” HERE

Does WMLL offer financial assistance to families in need?  Yes!  See “Scholarships” HERE

How do I register for WMLL?  See HERE

What is WMLL’s refund policy? See “Refund Policy” HERE

How does WMLL’s fall season differ from the spring/summer season? See “Developmental Focus” & “Little League Age” HERE

How are WMLL’s leagues structured?  See HERE

How are players assigned to leagues?  See “Player Assignment to Leagues” HERE

What does “Little League Age” mean & how is it determined? See “Little League Age” HERE

Can friends be assigned to the same team?  See “Special Placement Requests” HERE

Can my child play above or below the league designated by their Little League age?   See “Playing Up/Down from a LL-Age Based League Assignment” HERE

What are game day “call ups”?  See “Recurring Play Up Opportunity” HERE

How are team rosters established? See “No Cut League Drafts” HERE

How are players notified of their team assignment? See “Notice of Team Assignment” HERE

How are WMLL coaches selected? See “Coaches & Team Coordinators” HERE

When & where are practices held?  See “Practices” HERE

Where are games played? See HERE

What equipment does my child need to have?  See HERE

How are uniforms handled?  See HERE

What kinds of bats can be used?  See HERE

What game rules are used?  See HERE

What is WMLL’s mandatory service requirement? See HERE

What is WMLL’s code of conduct for behavior & safety? See HERE

How can I help WMLL as a volunteer? See HERE

How can I learn more about WMLL volunteer opportunities? See HERE

What are important dates that I should be aware of?
Fall Ball Games, Events & Meetings
Player Clinics
Umpire Training
Board Meetings & Annual Meeting
Chronological Listing of All 2021 Events

How is WMLL governed? See “WMLL Governance” HERE

Whom should I contact with questions? See HERE