Baseball league descriptions

Players are placed into leagues based upon their Little League age as follows.  In special instances, however, some leagues may also consider parental requests, player skill level & the number of registrants.  Click on each league name for additional information.

Atlantic League = 7 & 8-year-olds
This “pitching machine” program is designed to develop the player’s defensive and offensive skills and understanding of baseball strategy from the perspective of different positions. A primary emphasis will be on the individual’s enjoyment of the sport.

Pacific League = 9 & 10-year-olds
This league employs live pitching by players and emphasizes continued improvement of defensive and offensive skills as well as the understanding of the game of baseball. While maintaining the emphasis on enjoying the game, the level of competitiveness is increased slightly in this league.

Major League = 11 & 12-year-olds
Player skills continue to be taught and, while enjoyment is still promoted, the competitive aspect of the sport increases significantly. This league is generally regarded as the “signature league” of Little League Baseball and competes for a spot in the annual Little Lg World Series.

Badger League = 13-year-olds & most 14-year-olds
This league is for players that want to further develop their skills in preparation for participation at the high school level. The game is played on a full size baseball diamond and follows many high school rules. The need for more sophisticated skill development and the introduction to the larger diamond makes this league challenging and fun.

Senior League = 15 & 16-year-olds & any 14-year-olds who are already in High School
Many league players will have played on a high school team or will, in the future, be playing interscholastic baseball. This league is – 8 – designed to continue a player’s preparation for a high school team and is WMLL’s highest level of competition and player skill development. Individuals will become more specialized in the positions that they play and participation time will vary.

Note: Some 9-year-olds, new to baseball and/or less developed in baseball skills, may be allowed to play in the Atlantic League. Similarly, some 11-year-olds, new to baseball and/or less developed in baseball skills, may be allowed to play in the Pacific League. Parents who feel that one of these options may be appropriate for their child should contact the appropriate League Coordinator or Registrar before registering.