Junior League Softball

This junior league program is for 13- and 14-year-old girls who want to further develop their skills in order to play high school softball (a few 14-year-olds may be drafted up to the Senior League, if that league is offered). The league will generally follow high school rules with some modification and should be both competitive and entertaining. Coaches will draft their teams and field positions will be determined by skill.  Opening day for Junior softball will be in late May or early June, following the high school season and will be mainly against teams from other area Little League programs.

Philosophy and Implementation

Philosphy: There are four very important goals for the WMLL Girls’ Softball Program:
1. To have volunteer coaches pass along their knowledge of the game of softball to the players;
2. To have equal participation for all players so they can have an opportunity to practice the softball skills they are learning;
3. To foster total enjoyment of the game. This goal is not easily obtained for all players. What is needed is constant encouragement by coaches and parents alike in times of failure. No one will catch every ball, hit every pitch or make every play. As human beings, the fire of competition burns in each of us. As parents, coaches and spectators, we must control our own competitive nature in order to build the proper atmosphere in which these young players can enjoy what we consider the greatest game in the world, and;
4. To provide an opportunity for young girls to experience the camaraderie of being on a team, to meet players from other schools and other neighborhoods and to build new friendships.

Implementation: Coaches will be encouraged to give players the opportunity to learn several different defensive positions and to rotate into these positions throughout the season. Positions in the batting order should be rotated regularly to give players an opportunity to bat at different spots in the lineup. A coaches meeting will be held before the season to review their goals and guidelines. Coaches will be expected to have a minimum number of practices before the season opens.