Player Selection, Notification & Response


The evaluation panel will review roster recommendations for each WMTT team with the expected coaches of that team before submitting final roster recommendations for candidates to the WMTT Committee / WMLL Board Officers for review.

In addition to a player’s performance at the WMTT tryout session, a player’s attitude, coachability, availability & positions of interest will also be considered.  Roster candidates become final when approved by WMTT Committee / WMLL Board Officers.


After roster candidates have been finalized for a team, the WMTT committee will notify all players that participated in a tryout for that team of their status.


Upon notification, the families of roster candidates have 48 hours to either accept or reject the roster position being offered.  If the position is accepted, their child will be included on the team’s final roster. If acceptance is not made within 48 hours the roster position offer expires & WMTT will offer the position to the highest-ranked player that is not currently a candidate.