WMLL Spring/Summer Leagues — 2017

Registration for the 2017 regular season (spring/summer) remains open for some leagues.  Follow the instructions below.  If a league is full, the system will let you know.

If you have registered a player at WMLL for previous seasons (spring/summer or fall ball), you can click on Begin Registration below, click continue on the next page, and simply login as a “Returning User” on the third page to get started. If you are new to WMLL and have not registered online before, just click on Begin Registration below, click continue and then click “New User” to get started creating your account. In any case, please be sure to download the Information Packets below as they contain important information and schedules of events.

Multiple players can be registered in one session. Watch for the “Register Another Player” field on the summary page after registering your previous player.

If you will be requesting a scholarship for your player, there is a section during registration to make that request. Generally, your child must be eligible for free or reduced-cost lunch at their school to qualify for a scholarship and you must agree to allow WMLL to verify this information with your child’s school principal.  There is a minimum payment amount for all scholarship applications which is explained during the registration process  ($70 for 2017).

IMPORTANT: Google Chrome is not currently supported by our registration vendor and you may have issues during registration. Please use a different browser when registering.

Click Here to Begin Registration  

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions or encounter any problems during registration, please email our Registrar, Bob Collins,
at registrar@wmll.org.

INFORMATION PACKETS — Please Download the 2017 packets below


2017 Registration Info Packet-All Families [PDF]
Every parent should download this important information! This packet of information provides all the details about the spring/summer season program for 2017, including the most frequently asked questions. Please take the time to read through this information, including the list of important dates.  Please also review the Baseball FAQ’s or Softball FAQ’s pages on this website for more detailed information regarding determining your player’s “official Little League age.”


2017 WMLL New Family Info Packet [PDF]
If you are new to WMLL, please download this information in addition to the main info packet above.


2017 Skills Session Times By Age [PDF]
This year’s Player Skills Evaluation Session is scheduled for Saturday, April 1, at the Memorial High School Field House. All baseball or softball players age 12 and under should attend the player skills evaluation session. 2017 tentative times are listed in this schedule. Check back for possible updates in late February and March.

Umpire Information

Updates are planned for the WMLL umpiring program for 2017. For more information, visit our Resources for Umpires page. Please contact WMLL Umpire Training Coordinator, Tom Heneghan, at umpiretraining@wmll.org with other questions. Umpire training sessions begin in February 2017. Please fill out and submit an umpire application on our Umpire Resources page.