This season qualifying families have two options for scholarship support – WMLL scholarships that cover 75% of registration fees and T-Mobile Call-Up grants that will cover the remaining 25%.  WMLL also considers special requests for financial support.

WMLL Scholarships

WMLL is pleased to offer scholarship support to families needing financial assistance to pay registration fees.  WMLL scholarships cover three-quarters of a player’s registration & snack prepayment fees. Families pay the remaining quarter of these fees:
– $75 for Minor, Major, & Junior League baseball
– $67 for Rookie & Senior league baseball & all softball leagues
– $45 for fall baseball & softball.
The difference between the fees is due to the number of games each of the leagues play.

T-Mobile Call-Up Grant

T-Mobile, a partner of Little League, has generously created a Call Up Grant program to help qualifying families in need pay their Little League registration fees. The T-Mobile Call Up Grant will fully cover the 25% of registration fees not covered by WMLL scholarships (& do so for both the spring/summer & fall seasons!) Since T-Mobile Call-Up Grant program funds are limited, this program is available for a limited time only.  Please act quickly before funding runs out!

  • Qualifying families that combine a WMLL scholarship & a T-Mobile Call Up Grant can register their children for both the spring/summer & fall season at no cost!  WMLL STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THE COMBINED WMLL SCHOLARSHIP & T-MOBILE CALL UP GRANT!
  • Click HERE for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about T-Mobile Grants.


To be eligible for a WMLL scholarship and/or T-Mobile grant, a family must qualify for SNAP, WIC, or Medicaid.  Unfortunately, Free/Reduced Lunch (FRL) is no longer accepted for eligibility because most school are offering Free/Reduced Lunch to all families. As such, it is no longer an effective determination of need.

Special Requests

WMLL considers special requests for financial assistance from (1) families who need support but do not meet WMLL scholarship eligibility requirements & (2) families that are unable to make the minimum scholarship payment.

Applying for Financial Assistance

Step 1: Families interested in applying for any kind of financial assistance (WMLL scholarship, T-Mobile Grant, and/or Special Request), must apply for the support BEFORE registering.  After reading all steps in the process, click the link below to complete the simple application.

Step 2: Within a week of completing the request, a scholarship administrator from WMLL will get in touch with the applicant to discuss next steps. Applicants will need a copy of the document they will plan to use for eligibility.

Step 3: If requesting a T-Mobile grant, which is strongly recommended by WMLL, the applicant will need to complete the T-Mobile grant application (the WMLL scholarship administrator will provide information on how to do this). Since T-Mobile grant program funds are limited, this program is available for a limited time only. Please act quickly before funding runs out!

Step 4: Soon after the discussion with the WMLL scholarship administrator, two things will happen:
(1) Applicants will be given a WMLL scholarship code to use when registering
(2) If requesting a T-Mobile grant, Applicants will receive an electronic debit card to use when registering.

Step 5: When you have received your scholarship code & the T-Mobile grant electronic debit card, please register using WMLL’s online registration system.

If you do not hear from a WMLL scholarship administrator within a week, please contact Laura Swisher at  If you still do not make contact, please contact Kraig Bodie at


If you have questions about anything related to scholarships or the application, please contact Laura Swisher at or Kraig Bodie at