Umpire pregame & post game checklist

What to do as an umpire before and after games.

Tips from an experienced umpire!

Before the game

  1. Arrive at the field at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game time with your umpire shirt and a clicker.
  2. Get the umpire card and pencil from the concession stand.
  3. Get protective gear from the Coach’s Mailbox Room located in the green storage building just behind the picnic pavilion at Forward Drive and in the metal dugout storage boxes at Jefferson. If the game your are working is not the first game, the equipment might be at the field already.
  4. Introduce yourself to the coaches and remind them of the starting time.
  5. The base umpire should make sure any gates are closed to the field.
  6. Check bats on hanging bat rack.
  7. Put anything you brought such as shoestring bags out of the field of play.  A good place to put items is by the water bottle holders.
  8. Be in gear ready to start the game at the scheduled game time.

After the game

  1. Have both coaches sign the umpire card.
  2. Return the game balls to the team that provided them. (Usually the home team)
  3. Return all umpire gear after the game unless another umpire has arrived on the same field to work the next game.  It is especially important to return gear after the last game of the day on a field.
  4. Go to the concession stand to return the umpire card and pencil and receive your money. Do not go inside the stand to get your money but have a concession manager get it for you.
  5. For baseball games, receive your money when turning in the umpire card.   For softball games, request payment immediately after the game from the home team coach.
  6. Report any concerns about field conditions, coach, player or fan conduct to the umpire coordinator.