WMLL Board of Directors


WMLL is a membership organization. All parents/guardians of registered players & all recognized volunteers are defined as members. The annual membership meeting, held in October, is the highest decision making authority.  Day to day administration of the organization is the responsibility of a part-time Executive Director who reports to a 15-member Board of Directors with three-year terms.  The Board meets monthly & members are welcome to attend.


The WMLL Board of Directors consists of 15-members that are elected to 3-year staggered terms.  This means that there are normally 5 seats up for election each year.  By precedent, 3-4 Board members have a girls’ softball focus.


The WMLL Board of Directors is a working Board responsible for managing WMLL’s programs, property & affairs to provide our players with everything they need to grow and have fun and for planning & shaping the organization’s future to ensure continued success.


WMLL Board members are expected to:
(1) attend monthly Board meetings,
(2) assist at WMLL events and with occasional league tasks,
(3) serve in one or more leadership positions or coordinator roles critical to the smooth function of WMLL – most of which do not require any special knowledge of baseball/softball rules or skills.

What are some of the leadership positions & coordinator roles available to Board members?

Board members volunteer to lead in areas in which they have interests and/or experience.
–  Board Officers: President, VP-Baseball, VP-Softball & Treasurer
–  Program Coordinators: Baseball & Softball Leagues, Player & Coach Clinics, Special Events (Skills Session, Brewer’s Game, HR Derby, etc.), Tournament Teams, Challenger League, etc.
WMLL Committees: Committees include: Marketing & Membership; Fundraising; Facilities; Off-Field Experience; Baseball Operations; Softball Operations; and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


The WMLL Board meets monthly throughout the entire year. Due to the breadth of activities the Board must review and consider at each meeting, regular attendance is extremely important to maintain continuity and ensure the league runs smoothly each year.


Board elections are the last order of business at WMLL’s Annual Meeting in late October. Each candidate is given the opportunity to make a brief statement to the members in attendance before voting takes place via paper ballot.

For consistency, each candidate is asked to include brief responses to the following questions in their comments.
(1) Why are you running for the Board and what experience/talent of yours would be an asset to WMLL?
(2) What do you feel is the most significant issue facing WMLL?
(3) Are you running primarily for a baseball or softball emphasis position on the Board, or both?
(4) Is there an area or particular type of responsibility in which you are especially interested and are you willing to accept responsibilities which require a significant time commitment beyond the monthly Board meetings?

Officer Elections: At a re-organizational meeting immediately following the annual meeting, the new Board will elect officers for the coming year.


If you are interested in learning more about WMLL’s Board of Directors or in running for a Board position, please contact the Board President, Jerry Schmitt, at dksgrs@tds.net or WMLL’s Executive Director, Ben Stuart, at executive.director@wmll.org.