Team Coordinator (formerly Team Rep) Duties

A team coordinator assumes a variety of tasks designed to ensure good communication with team families and the smooth running of a team’s off-field business so that the team’s coaches can focus on the players & the team’s on-field business.

A team coordinator works closely with their team’s head coach and together they determine the exact role of that team representative.

The focus areas & key tasks of team coordinators have shifted over the years with changes in technology, etc., but typically include at least some of the following:

  • Coordinating team volunteer needs
  • Planning team gatherings, such as an end of season party
  • Serving as an information resource
  • Facilitating communication between team parents & the coach and/or WMLL
  • Assisting the coach in distributing team uniforms, team handouts, etc.
  • Organizing the team’s participation in special events – team photos, Little League Night at the Brewers, WMLL Night at the Duck Pond, etc.
  • Preparing and distributing a player and parent roster with phone and emails

A team coordinator is a crucial component to the team & team families having an enjoyable and successful season.