Team Coordinator Role & Duties


A team coordinator assumes a variety of tasks designed to ensure good communication with team families and the smooth running of a team’s off-field business so that the team’s coaches can focus on the players & the team’s on-field business.

A team coordinator is a crucial component to the team.  A team that is informed & engaged with team families that are friendly & bond with one another is MUCH more likely to have an enjoyable and successful season!

Partnership with Coaches

A team coordinator works closely with their team’s head coach and together they determine the exact role of that team coordinator.  Typically, the coaches handle most on-field / sport-related business & the team coordinator most off-field /non-sport-related business.

Focus Areas & Key Tasks

The focus areas & key tasks of team coordinators have shifted over the years with changes in technology, etc., but typically include at least some of the following:

  • Serving as an information resource for team families – providing information & answering questions (likely topics include key season information, mandatory volunteer service, key ballpark rules, field conditions, FAQ’s, etc.)
  • Coordinating team volunteering for scoreboard operating & Fall Ball base umpiring only. TeamSnap is a great tool!  Head coaches must make team coordinators “manager” in TeamSnap (instructions HERE)
  • Planning team gatherings, such as an season kickoff and/or end of season parties
  • Organizing the team’s participation in special events (examples include team photos, Little League Night at the Brewers, WMLL Night at the Duck Pond, etc. (most of which are in the spring/summer season)
  • Facilitating communication between team families & the coach and/or league officials
  • Identifying issues/opportunities and/or sharing suggestions for improvements with league officials
  • Preparing and distributing a team roster for use by team families at games (“wallet card”, .pdf to save on phone, etc.) – include parent/guardian names on the roster will help families can get to know one another
  • Assisting the coach in other agreed upon ways TBD

Helpful resources & tools

  • WMLL’s
  • Quick Links for Coaches & Team CoordinatorsHERE
  • “Things to Know” for Coaches & Team CoordinatorsHERE
  • “Things to Know” for Parents HERE (and FAQ’s HERE)
  • WMLL league officials – names & contact information HERE
  • Spring/Summer 2022 Coach & Team Coordinator Contact Info – HERE
  • TeamSnap – including game, practice & event scheduling; player availability; volunteer coordination; messaging; photo sharing & more
  • “Ask the Expert” is a group of experienced team coordinators available to answer questions, make suggestions & give advice – HERE
  • Spring/Summer 2021 Team Coordinator Meeting SlideHERE
  • Team Coordinator Tips & Tricks – UNDER CONSTRUCTION