Volunteer Application & Background Check


Who needs to submit a volunteer application and undergo a background check?

WMLL requires that anyone 18 years-old or older in any of the following positions submit a volunteer application and undergo a background check every calendar year:
– Board members
– Paid staff (executive director, concessions workers & grounds crew)
– Head coaches and all assistant coaches
– Team reps
– Umpires
– Others as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors

Why does WMLL require volunteer applications and perform background checks?

2) To comply with Little League requirements that all local Little Leagues conduct background checks on anyone who regularly interacts with players or teams.
3) To safeguard the WMLL organization

When do background checks need to be completed?

The application and background check are extremely important for two reasons.  First and foremost, WMLL is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of our players and other children at our ballpark.  Secondly, Little League International


To make the application process fast, easy and secure for our volunteers, WMLL uses an electronic system managed by JDP.  JDP is a leading provider of background checks and a carefully selected partner of Little League International.  JDP treats information confidentially and does not share it with anyone other than Little League (click HERE for JDP’s privacy policy.)

Completing the application will take less than 15 minutes.  You will receive an email from WEST MADISON LITTLE LEAGUE with the subject line “WEST MADISON LITTLE LEAGUE Background Questionnaire Notification” containing a link to the application.  Be sure to have the following information on hand before beginning:

· your driver’s license number,

· the address of your employer, and

· the names and phone numbers of three references.

Please be aware that your social security number is also a mandatory part of the application – it is required by Little League International and vital for an accurate background check.


WMLL understands that our thorough review process creates some extra work and inconvenience for you.  We ask you to remember the incredibly important rationale behind it – to ensure that WMLL is a safe, family-friendly environment where all kids can learn, have fun and grow.


See below for FAQ’s about WMLL volunteer applications and background checks.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if you do not receive the email.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for volunteering at West Madison Little League for the upcoming spring/summer season!  Your contribution, along with those of other volunteers, is critical for making WMLL the special place that it is for our players and their families.










Can a background check that was done for another organization be used?

Little League International requires each league to conduct its own background checks.  As such, WMLL cannot accept background checks completed externally for other organizations.


What type of background check is required and who performs the check?

A nationwide check that includes applicable sex offender registry and criminal data is required.  Little League International has partnered with JDP to conduct background checks for chartered US leagues, including WMLL.  JDP was selected because they are a top enterprise screening provider with excellent efficiency, accuracy, confidentiality and customer service.  JDP’s privacy policy is available at https://www.jdp.com/privacy-policy/.


What type of offense prohibits an individual from volunteering/working for WMLL?

Little League International and WMLL do not allow anyone with any conviction, guilty plea, no contest plea, or admission of a crime against, or involving a minor to work or volunteer at WMLL in any capacity.  Work or volunteer service by individuals with other offenses is determined at the discretions of the WMLL Safety Officer, President and Executive Director.




What if offenses involving, or against minors, are pending prior to, or after, appointment to a position in the local league?

We suggest the individual not be appointed should be suspended from his/her current position pending the outcome of the charges.


Who should process the background check information?

Little League® Baseball and Softball recommends the Board of Directors appoint the local League President, and two other Board members (i.e. Vice President and Safety Officer) to handle the background checks.


Some crimes that exclude a volunteer from participating with Little League®

• Aggravated Child Abuse

• Child Abuse/Child Abuse 2nd Degree

• Felony Child Abuse-Serious Injury

• First Degree Child Molestation

• Risk of Injury to Child

• Sexual Activity with a Child

• Sexual Conduct with Minor

• Showing Obscene Material to a Minor


Who will be made aware of the information found on the background check?

The local League President shall only share personal information contained in the volunteer application, background check or other information obtained through the screening process with other members of the Board of Directors in order to make personnel decisions.


If the information obtained through the background check is public record and causes an individual to not be appointed or to be terminated, Little League® Baseball and Softball recommends this information be shared with the parents/guardians of the children who have had contact with the individual previously.




Please note, you will receive additional information from Little League should any further action be taken.