Volunteer Application & Background Check

What is a Volunteer Application & Background Check?

WMLL follows the Little League International Child Protection Program.  An overview and additional information can be found at this link (Click Here).  The volunteer application and background checks are a component of the overall Child Protection Program.

Who needs to go through the Volunteer Application & Background Check?

WMLL actively screens all applicants, 18 and older,  who wish to be a head or assistant coach, member of the Board of Directors, paid staff, volunteer, or any other person who provides regular services to the league and/or has repetitive access to or contact with players or teams.

Most of the time WMLL staff such as the Executive Director, or members of the Board, are aware of the people filling these roles, and actively work with these individuals to go through the screening process.  We understand that sometimes a baseball or softball team within the league has additional parents or helpers step in and work with our boys and girls at practices, games, etc.  It is important to make sure these situations are brought to the attention of WMLL Leadership so we can process a volunteer application and background check as needed.  Someone helping out from time to time does not necessarily mean a background check is needed but any adult with repetitive access to or contact with players or teams must get a background check.

When do background checks occur?

Every year a new background check needs to be run for any individual who fits the description above.  At the beginning of each calendar year WMLL will start by doing background checks of all board members and paid staff new or returning from the previous year.  At this time most of the other personnel such as coaches are unknown.  Once the start of the spring season approaches and coaches are defined then the background checks for coaches and any others that fit the description above will undergo the screening.

How are the background checks done?

Little League International’s preferred background check provider is JD Palatine (JDP).  JDP offers a quick and easy option for potential volunteers, board members, paid staff, to complete their volunteer application and a background check all in the same process.

A representative from the Board of Directors or the Executive Director will first reach out to the individual(s) that are about to go through the process via email.  In this email will be a notification that they are about to receive an email from JDP along with detailed instructions to guide the individual(s) through the process.

For more information about the program visit Little League International website linked above or view this pdf file (Little League Child Protection Program)

For questions on this topic please contact the WMLL Board President, Jerry Schmitt at president@wmll.org or the WMLL Executive Director, Ben Stuart at executive.director@wmll.org