Spring/summer season FAQ’s

What is the purpose of the skills session? The skills session is a critical pre-season event that allows coaches to evaluate the relative skills of all players in a given league (Major & below).  As such, it is a critical step in the process of assembling balanced teams via league drafts.  At the skills session, players rotate through fielding & throwing, hitting, and pitching drill stations while being observed by coaches.  <more info>

How are team rosters established?  In order to create balanced teams & competitive leagues, WMLL utilizes a player draft to establish teams. The draft creates balance by distributing more skilled & less skilled players evenly across all teams. Everyone registered by February 28 will be drafted – no one is “cut”.  <more info>

How are players notified after the draft?  Soon after the draft, coaches will email the players on their team to introduce themselves, notify the players of their team name, & provide information on team meetings & practices.

When are games & practices?  For all baseball & softball leagues (except for Senior League baseball & the Junior & Senior League softball), practices usually begin in April, as weather permits, with the season running from opening day on April 21 & 22 until late July.  Teams typically have two games a week. Note: The Senior League baseball season starts on May 25 & the Junior & Senior League softball seasons start at a later date (usually after the high school season has ended). <see individual league pages for season schedules>

Where are games played? All baseball games & most softball games are played on the WMLL diamonds at 701 Forward Drive, some of the best playing surfaces in the state.  Some softball games are played at the Jefferson Middle School softball diamonds (if schedules include interleague play, some games may be played on other area diamonds).

How are coaches chosen? All WMLL coaches are volunteers.  Before each season, WMLL seeks out and selects a head coach for each team based on experience & other qualifications.  Once chosen, each head coach may select one assistant coach, subject to Board of Directors approval.  After league drafts, the head coach may select another assistant coach & a Team Representative from among the parents of the team’s players.  The Team Representative works closely with the head coach & performs a variety of tasks designed to ensure good communication within the team and the smooth running of off field team business. <see coach duties>  <see team rep duties>

How is WMLL governed? WMLL is a membership organization. All parents of registered players & all recognized volunteers are defined as members. The annual membership meeting, held in October, is the highest decision making authority.  Day to day administration of the league is the responsibility of a part-time Executive Director who reports to a 15-member Board of Directors with three-year terms.  The Board meets monthly & members are welcome to attend (see schedule here).

What are the appropriate channels of communication for questions or concerns?

  • For team issues: Communication within each team is very important. Coaches are encouraged to have a pre-season parents meeting and to always keep communication channels open. The Team Rep is an important part of this process.
  • For league & other issues: In most instances, the appropriate League Coordinator is a good place to start.  A full list of the appropriate contact for a wide range of topic can be found HERE.  

Are players required to do fundraising? There is no required fundraising, but one parent for each player registered is required to volunteer in some fashion (e.g., helping in the concession stand for one two-hour shift)…or to opt out of their service commitment by making a special donation when registering.  In addition, families should be aware of the critical role fundraising plays in paying our umpires, concessions staff & groundskeeping staff while keeping registration fees low.  WMLL families are encouraged to support the WMLL concession stand, to attend fun fundraising events like WMLL Nights at the Madison Mallards & Little League Night at Miller Park & to consider other donation & sponsorship opportunities.