Home Run Derby Rules   

AGE DIVISIONS (based on age as of October 1, 2018)
Grade School = 11‐14 years old & not in high school
High School = 14‐18 years old & in high school
Younger Adult = 18‐35 years old & out of high school
Older Adult = 36 years old and older
Softball (females only)
Youth = 11‐18 years old & in high school
Adult = 18‐years old & out of high school and older

FENCE DISTANCE (the competition will be on WMLL’s Major Field)
All Baseball Divisions = 200 feet (hitting from home plate)
Youth Softball Division = 115 feet (hitting from 2nd base)
Adult Softball Division = 125 feet (hitting from the infield grass in front of 2nd base)

All participants must provide their own bat.
Participants in the grade school division & both softball divisions may use metal alloy bats.
Participants in all other divisions must use wood bats.

Each batter is given 5 outs. An “out” is defined as any swing that does not result in a home run.
In each division, the batter with the most home runs will be champion.  A home run is defined as a ball hit over the fence in fair territory.

If there is a tie in any division, all tied batters will compete in a one swing “swing‐off”, until only one batter remains.