COVID-related Safety

WMLL is committed to conducting Fall Ball in a safe & responsible way focusing on the health & safety of players, coaches, volunteers, family members & the greater Madison community.  As such, WMLL will not allow any activity unless it is permitted by Dane County & the State of Wisconsin and until WMLL has appropriate safety measures & requirements in place based on the most current guidelines.

WMLL expects players, coaches, volunteers & family members to do their part to maintain safety by acting responsibly, using good judgment & adhering to all WMLL safety rules & requirements.  WMLL reserves the right to suspend or expel offenders if needed.

Requirements for Spectators & Volunteers (HERE): These requirements apply to spectators & volunteers attending WMLL scrimmages & practices.

Official Volunteer Positions & Duties (HERE): A list of both required & recommended official volunteer positions, along with the duties of each.

Event & Equipment Requirements (HERE): These requirements for gathering limits, face coverings/masks, physical distancing, handwashing & equipment are mandatory at all times for everyone at the WMLL ballpark or any WMLL event.

Rules of Play (HERE): These modified rules of play are mandatory at WMLL scrimmages as well as at practices as applicable.  These rules supplement & in any areas of conflict override both WMLL local rules (below) & national Little League rules.