Special Event Descriptions

WMLL Nights at the Duck Pond: June 4 (Thu): 6:05 pm game vs. Lakeshore Chinooks & June 5 (Fri) 6:35 pm game vs. Green Bay Booyah

  • Tickets on sale for $10 at WMLL’s concessions stand until May 30
    o Individuals may purchase single tickets
    o Team reps may pool a team’s order and purchase tickets as a group so the team can sit together.
    o Supplies are limited so buy early!
  • This fun event is also an important fundraiser for WMLL!
    o The Mallards donate 30% of all tickets purchased at WMLL back to WMLL.
  • Families must arrange their own transportation to & from the game.
  • Ask for Jenny or Christina at the concessions stand for details or contact Mark Newburg at newy@tds.net with questions.
  • Click HERE for event flyer.

Jun 25 (Tue): Little League Night at Miller Park: 7:10 pm game vs. the Seattle Mariners

  • WMLL will join other leagues from southern Wisconsin for Little League Night at Miller Park on Tuesday, June 25. Prior to the 7:10 PM game between the Brewers & the Mariners, Little League players in uniform accompanied by their coach get to parade on the field!
  • This fantastic event is a major fundraiser for WMLL, as well as a great opportunity for teammates and families to get to know one another better.  There are no WMLL games scheduled on June 25.
  • Tickets normally sell for over $34, but can be purchased from WMLL for $27 each! Tickets are in Loge Outfield Box section 231 which are good seats at a great price!
  • Order tickets thru your team rep beginning May 15. Get your order in early as tickets are limited!  The deadline to order is Monday, June 10.
    • Team reps click HERE for additional information on how to handle orders!
  • WMLL will charter a bus for those that would rather ride than provide their own transportation.  The bus costs $20 per person & must be paid for using a separate check from your ticket order.
    • Details of the bus departure time & place will be distributed with the tickets.  If there isn’t enough interest to fill the bus to capacity, it will be canceled & bus checks will be refunded.
  • Contact your Team Rep or Kraig Bodie at Kraig.bodie@hotmail.com or 218/780-8746 if you have questions.
  • Click HERE for event flyer.
  • Click HERE for important details about what to wear, when to arrive & how the parade will be organized.

Oct 13 (Sun): WMLL’s Annual Home Run Derby for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  • Click HERE to request additional information or to register
  • Have fun and help WMLL support a great cause!  All entry fees ($20 recommended) will be donated to the Madison Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fund research for a cure for blood cancers.
  • Competitors in the various divisions see who can hit the most home runs off machine-pitching before getting five outs (an out being any swing that does not result in a home run).
    • Baseball
    • Grade School = 11‐14 years old & not in high school
    • High School = 14‐18 years old & in high school
    • Younger Adult = 18‐35 years old & out of high school
    • Older Adult = 36 years old and older
    • Softball (females only)
    • Youth = 11‐18 years old & in high school
      Adult = 18‐years old & out of high school and older
  • Click HERE for the full rules & HERE to see past winners.
  • This annual event was started in 2011 by former WMLL player, Marco Mascitti.  Marco’s dad, Jason, a former WMLL coach and sponsor, is a double survivor having successfully battled leukemia and lymphoma.