Skills Session

All baseball & softball players Little League aged 7-12 years old MUST attend the 2018 skills session on Saturday, March 16 inside the Memorial High School Field House (located on the north side of Memorial High School).
–  See Little League age reference chart for BASEBALL here & for SOFTBALL here.

All players should bring their glove & wear active clothing & gym shoes (cleats & hard-soled shoes are not allowed).  7 & 8-year-olds & players new to WMLL must also bring a copy of their official birth certificate for age verification.

The skills session allows coaches to evaluate the relative skills of all players in a given league.  As such, it is a critical step in the process of assembling balanced teams via league drafts.  After checking-in, players rotate through fielding & throwing, hitting, and pitching drill stations.  After completing these drills, players are free to go.