Skills Session & League Drafts

WMLL places a very high priority on forming balanced teams to create fair, competitive leagues. To do this, WMLL utilizes a Skills Session and No-Cut Player Draft to establish team rosters.


The mandatory skills session is the critical first step in the process of assembling balanced teams. At the skills session, after checking-in and receiving a pin-on number, all players in a Little League age (LL Age) group will be put in an ordered, socially distanced line.  Players will then rotate through individual fielding/throwing, hitting, and pitching drill stations while the coaches in that league make evaluations for use during the no-cut player draft. After completing these drills, players are free to go.

  • If your child is unable to attend the skills session, it is your responsibility to notify the appropriate league coordinator in advance (see below for contact information).
  • EVERYONE attending the skills session (players, volunteers, family members, etc.) must wear masks at ALL times as required by Public Health Madison Dane County Order – unless an individual or activity meets exemption or exception criteria outlined in the order (click HERE for details).
  • Players must bring a glove, batting helmet & water bottle and wear appropriate clothing & shoes.  Players may also bring a bat and/or batting gloves if they would like.  It is strongly recommended that players label their glove, water bottle, bat & helmet with their name to prevent mishaps.
  • Any players that is playing WMLL spring/summer ball for the first time must also bring a copy of their official birth certificate for age verification.

The 2021 skills session will be conducted differently than past skills sessions – it will take place at WMLL with different leagues attending on different days.  Please arrive on time for the session scheduled for your child’s LL age group and check in at the designated table.

  • For baseball a player’s Little League Age (LL Age) is their age as of August 31, 2021
  • For softball a player’s Little League Age (LL Age) is their age as of December 31, 2020.  
  • Click HERE for a summary table of birthdates & LL ages.


League drafts take place soon after the skills session and are used to create fair, competitive leagues by distributing more and less skilled players evenly across teams. All players registered by Sunday, March 7 April 25 for Sr BB & SB) are guaranteed a roster spot during the draft – no one is cut.  Click HERE for league draft guidelines.

2021 Dates
Rookie baseball draft = Apr 13 (Tue)
Minor baseball draft = Apr 9 (Fri)
Major baseball draft = Apr 8 (Thu)
Junior baseball draft = Mar 22 (Mon)
Senior baseball draft = Apr 28 (Wed)
Rookie softball draft = Apr 15 (Thu)
Minor softball draft = Apr 15 (Thu)
Major softball draft = Apr 14 (Wed)


Very soon after the draft, players are notified of the team assignment via TeamSnap.  Soon after this, coaches email the families of the players on their team to introduce themselves & provide information on team meetings, practices, etc.


If you have questions about anything related to the skills session, league draft, player notifications or the upcoming season, please contact the appropriate league coordinator.

Rookie baseball: Robb Vogel ( & Sean Michael Dargan (
Minor baseball: Mark Schauder ( & Todd Conkey (
Major baseball: Mark Newburg ( & Harry Miller (
Junior baseball: Jerry Schmitt (
Senior baseball: Joan Farrell (
Rookie softball: Nate Judnic (
Minor softball: Katie Johnson (
Major softball: Barry Vredenbregt (
Junior & Senior softball: Scott Fossum (