Registration fees & possible discounts

2020 spring/summer season registration fees

Registration: The standard registration fee for the 2020 WMLL spring/summer season is $250 for baseball, $225 for softball (other than Senior League) and $165 for Senior League softball. The difference between the fees is due to the number of games each of the leagues play.

Postgame Snack Prepayment: In addition,a prepayment for WMLL’s player postgame snack program is required.  This popular program provides players with a $2 concession stand snack after all regular season & league playoff games.  The fee for baseball is $40, while the fee for Rookie, Minor & Major League softball is $32.  The difference between the fees is due to the number of games each of the leagues play.

WMLL discount & scholarship offerings

Early Bird Discount: Early registrations completed on or before February 2 receive a $20 discount.

Multi Player Discount: After two children from the same family have registered, each additional child from that family receives a $50 discount.

Scholarships: Parents of children eligible for free or reduced-price school lunches may apply for a scholarship during the online registration process. Scholarships cover a portion of the registration fee, but still require a minimum payment of $75 for baseball & $50 for softball. WMLL reserves the right to verify eligibility with your school principal.

Late registration fee

In 2020, WMLL is introducing a $20 late registration fee to encourage on-time reservation & defray the resource costs created by late registrations.  Late registrations significantly delay & disrupt the formation of leagues & teams, the creation & release of schedules, & uniform orders.  Late registrations can also result in larger than desired rosters & the need to turn players away – both undesirable outcomes that can be easily prevented via on-time registration.  Please do WMLL & yourself a favor & register on time!

  • The late registration fee will be activated on Monday, March 2.  The regular registration period ends on Sunday, March 1, which is also the last day to register with the guarantee of a roster spot on a team.
  • WMLL will attempt to accommodate everyone, but late registrants can be placed on a team only if space is available. Each league has a separate maximum capacity.  Once leagues are full, late registrants may choose to be placed on a waiting list in the order their registrations were received (for a $5 non-refundable processing fee).

Fee payment & refunds

Registration fees (excluding some scholarship requests) must be paid at the end of the online registration process via credit card or ACH (direct bank transfer).  Please consider paying by ACH (direct bank transfer) as it saves WMLL money via reduced processing payments.  Refunds, less a $10 processing fee, will be granted if requested by March 15 (April 26 for Senior Baseball).  No refunds will be granted after this date except for injuries or families moving away from the area.