League draft & special placement requests

“No cut” league draft

In order to create balanced teams & competitive leagues, WMLL utilizes a player draft to establish teams. The draft creates balance by distributing more skilled and less skilled players evenly across all teams. Everyone registered by Sunday, March 1 will be drafted – no one is “cut”.  Click HERE for league draft guidelines.

Soon after the draft, coaches will email the players on their team to introduce themselves, notify the players of their team name, & provide information on team meetings & practices.

Special placement requests for siblings & friends

For the most part, WMLL is NOT able to honor requests to place friends & neighbors on the same team. The only exceptions are as follows.

Siblings: Siblings playing in the same league will be placed on the same team unless their parents request that they be placed on different teams when registering.

“Buddy System” for Rookie League baseball & softball: In WMLL’s Rookie Leagues, a pair of friends can request that they be placed on the same team using WMLL’s buddy system. For this to happen, the two halves of the”buddy” pair must identify one another as their one “buddy” on their individual registration applications. While WMLL will make every attempt to pair buddies on the same team, placement is not guaranteed.

Note: During Fall Ball, WMLL is able to offer the “Buddy System” to baseball & softball players in all leagues.