WMLL is a Special Place…Your Actions Matter!


WMLL is committed to providing a positive experience and a safe, supportive environment for all WMLL players, families and volunteers. As such, coaches, parents/guardians, players, and spectators are expected to maintain a high level of sportsmanship and conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner when at WMLL events.

Behavior Expectations: WMLL does not tolerate negative interactions of any kind at WMLL events.  This includes verbal or physical altercations between coaches, spectators and/or players; the harassment or undermining of umpires or coaches; player hazing or bullying; and taunts or “negative cheering” directed at teams or players.  Instances of unsportsmanlike behavior reported to the Board of Directors will be investigated by the President and may result in disciplinary action, including suspensions.
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Safety First Focus: WMLL is committed to providing a safe and secure ballpark and an active participant in Little League’s “A Safety Awareness Program”.  Players, coaches, spectators and umpires are expected to be careful, use good judgment and adhere to all WMLL ballpark, game and practice safety requirements; and report any hygiene issues, hazards or safety concerns to a WMLL board or staff member.
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It takes a lot of resources to make WMLL the special place that it is and to provide our players with everything they need to grow and have fun.  As a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization, WMLL needs parents/guardians to get involved!

Mandatory Service Requirement: To make the WMLL experience a great one for our players, while also keeping our registration fees affordable, WMLL requires families to satisfy a volunteer service requirement (6 credits per player / 12 credits maximum per family) each season or to opt out of their service commitment by paying a special fee when registering ($150 per player / $300 maximum per family). During registration, you must specify if you would like to perform this mandatory service or pay to opt out. Families for whom the service requirement and opt out fee would be a hardship that would prevent them from playing can apply for an exemption by contacting WMLL’s Community Relations Committee. Click HERE for more information.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:  There are many important, rewarding and fun ways to get involved at WMLL – many of which are off the field and do not require any special knowledge of baseball/softball rules or skills.  Opportunities exist to volunteer for a single-day, a special project, a single-season or a year or more.  Click HERE for more information.


Make a Donation: Many options exist for giving to WMLL, including our Commemorative Brick Campaign, Player Scholarship Fund & General Donations.  Click HERE for more information.

Support WMLL Sponsors:  Please support WMLL’s generous sponsors.  Click HERE for a list.

Become a WMLL Sponsor:  WMLL offers many types & various levels of sponsorship opportunities, including sponsoring a team, our roster program, a field sign, a website link, our field condition email update or our player scholarship fund.  Click HERE for more information. 


Participate in Special Events: To enhance the overall WMLL experience and build a strong WMLL community, a number of special events and outings for players, families and volunteers are offered every year – including a home run derby, on-field movie night, group outings to watch special Brewers and Mallards games recognizing Little League and/or WMLL, special events with the West / Memorial teams and UW softball, etc.  Click HERE for full information.

Attend WMLL’s Annual Meeting…or a Monthly Board Meeting: The 2023 Annual Meeting will be held in October.  The date has not been set yet.  Monthly board meetings are typically held on the second Sunday of each month & are open to the parents of WMLL players & to WMLL volunteers.  Click HERE for details.