Registration Process, Deadlines & Refunds


Register by February 6 to receive a $20 per player discount!

Register by March 6 to guarantee your child a roster spot & avoid a $20 late fee!
(April 20 for Senior League baseball & Junior/Senior League softball)

Late Registrations: After March 6 (April 20 for Senior BB & Jr/Sr SB), players can be placed on a team only if space is available (each league has a separate maximum capacity) and will be charged a $20 late fee to encourage on-time reservation and defray the resources costs created by late registrations.
Late registrations significantly delay & disrupt the formation of leagues & teams, the creation & release of schedules, & uniform orders.  Late registrations can also result in larger than desired rosters & the need to turn players away – both undesirable outcomes that can be easily prevented via on-time registration.  For logistical reasons, players that register late will not be able to participate in buddy matching & may not have a uniform at the start of the season. 

Waitlisting: While WMLL would like to accommodate everyone, late registrants can be placed on a team only if space is available. Once a league is full, late registrants may opt to be placed on a waiting list (in the order their registrations were received) for a $5 processing fee in case any spots open up.



WMLL utilizes an easy-to-use online registration system.  Each player registration should only take about 5 minutes.  All questions are straightforward & no special information is needed.  To save time & effort, multiple players from the same family can be registered together in the same process.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS:  Click HERE for full information about the 2022 spring/summer season.

Scholarships: This season qualifying families have two options for scholarship support – WMLL scholarships that cover 75% of registration fees and T-Mobile Call-Up grants that will cover the remaining 25%. Please note that if you wish to utilize a WMLL scholarship and/or T-Mobile Grant for lower cost or free registration, you must apply for & receive the support BEFORE registering. Click HERE for full information.

Buddies & Siblings: In the spring/summer season only Rookie League players (LL ages 7 & 8) can request to be “buddies” on the same team as ONE friend.  For a match to be complete, both halves of the buddy pair must identify one another as their ONE buddy during registration.  Please coordinate in advance as needed. Siblings in the same league will be placed on the same team automatically unless a parent/guardian requests otherwise.  While WMLL will attempt to pair buddies that register BEFORE the late period, it is not guaranteed.

Coaches & Team Coordinators: If you are interested in helping your child’s team as a coach or team coordinator, it is VERY important that indicate your interest when registering.  Please also e-mail your interest to the appropriate league coordinator (see contact information at the bottom of the page HERE).

Mandatory Service (Updated for 2022!): To make the WMLL experience a great one for our players, while also keeping our registration fees affordable, WMLL requires families to satisfy a volunteer service requirement (6 credits per player / 12 credits maximum per family) each season or to opt out of their service commitment by paying a special fee when registering ($150 per player / $300 maximum per family). During registration, you must specify if you would like to perform this mandatory service or pay to opt out. Families for whom the service requirement and opt out fee would be a hardship that would prevent them from playing can apply for an exemption by contacting WMLL’s Marketing & Membership Committee. Click HERE for full information.

Waivers: During registration you will be asked to read through & acknowledge three important waivers:
(1) WMLL General Waiver & Acknowledgements (HERE)
(2) Media Release Form (HERE)
(3) Concussion Information & Waiver Acknowledged (HERE)
(4) Mandatory Service & Opt Out Policy – Updated for 2022 (HERE)

Payment: At the completion of the registration application, fees (excluding some special scholarship requests) must be paid via credit card or ACH payment.  Please consider paying by ACH as it saves WMLL money via reduced processing payments.


Click HERE for information on WMLL’s current approach for navigating COVID – including rules & policies.


Refunds, less a $10 processing fee, will be granted if requested by March 26 (April 29 for Senior baseball & Jr/Sr softball).  No refunds will be granted after this date except for situations involving player injury, a family moving away from the area, or an interruption in the season.  In these cases, a partial refund will be provided if less than 75% of the scheduled season is offered.  The partial refund will be based on the total fee paid, less a $10 processing fee, $29 non-refundable administrative fee and a prorated charge based on the number of practices / games offered.


If you have questions about anything related to registration…or if you encounter any problems during registration, please contact Kraig Bodie (