Cancellations due to weather

    • If inclement weather has occurred, the Grounds Coordinator will determine if and when the field is in playable condition. A sign in the parking lot and messages on the answering machine (274-6556) and the website field conditions page ( will indicate when games are postponed because of weather.
    • If a field is not playable at game time, but might be playable in a short period of time, the game will be delayed no more than fifteen minutes. The conditions will be checked after fifteen minutes and, if the field is still unplayable, the game will be canceled and rescheduled by the League Coordinator. Do not ask for or expect preferential treatment in the rescheduling of games.
    • If a rain / lightning / lighting failure delay occurs after a game has started the first fifteen minutes of the total delay time does not count as part of the game time limit. When the game has been delayed for 45 minutes or more, the game will be considered either a suspended contest or an officially completed contest depending on the inning and the score.
    • When lighting is visible, the Board of Director(s) / umpires present will suspend the game for 30 minutes and all coaches, players, spectators and umpires will take immediate shelter in the dugouts, near the concession stand, picnic porch or in private vehicles to insure their safety. After a total of 45 minutes delay, that game will be postponed and rescheduled per current rules.
    • A game called after completion of one inning and before it is an official completed contest will be considered a suspended game. A suspended game shall be resumed at the exact point of suspension. The line ups and batting order of the teams shall be the same as the moment of suspension, subject to the substitution rules. A player who was not at the original game may be used as a substitute when the game is resumed. Prior to leaving the field of play, the coaches will verify the line ups, score and exact point at which play has been stopped i.e. outs, balls and strikes batter, runners score, etc. Any dispute should be referred to the league coordinator and/or Baseball Operations Committee for resolution. The league coordinator shall attempt to reschedule the suspended game at the time when the two teams will be playing each other again. The suspended game will normally be played prior to the regulation game or another suspended game. All pitching regulations will be determined by the week during which the suspended game is being resumed.
    • These rules will not restrict the Board of Director(s) present at the field from immediately canceling play at WMLL fields in order to insure the appropriate safety of coaches, players, spectators, umpires and concession workers.x