League Tournaments

At the end of the spring/summer season, WMLL holds league tournaments for all baseball & softball leagues.


Tournament scheduling varies based on the league, with the first leagues typically starting in the end of June & the last leagues typically ending by the middle of July.

2021 Dates
Rookie League Baseball = July 12-15
Minor League Baseball = June 25 – July 2
Major League Baseball = June 26 – July 3
Junior League Baseball = June 26 – July 3
Senior League Baseball = June 11
Rookie League Softball = July 12 – 18
Minor League Softball = July 12 – 18
Major League Softball = July 12 – 18
Junior League Softball = TBD
Senior League Softball = TBD


Most league tournaments are conducted using a single-elimination bracket play format.  League coordinators select the format & seed teams based on regular season standings.  All regular-season rules apply in league tournaments except those which are specifically noted in WMLL’s local rules or communicated by the league coordinator in advance of the tournament.


Players on league tournament champion & runner-up teams receive a trophy, medal or other award.


Click HERE for WMLL League Tournament results from past years.


If you have questions about anything related to league tournaments, please contact the appropriate league coordinator.

Rookie baseball: Robb Vogel (rvogel0615@yahoo.com) & Sean Michael Dargan (seanmichaeldargan@gmail.com)
Minor baseball: Mark Schauder (mark_schauder@yahoo.com) & Todd Conkey (tconkey@mac.com)
Major baseball: Mark Newburg (newy@tds.net) & Harry Miller (mill7049@gmail.com)
Junior baseball: Jerry Schmitt (dksgrs@tds.net)
Senior baseball: Joan Farrell (joanfarrell12@gmail.com)
Rookie softball: Nate Judnic (nwjudnic@yahoo.com)
Minor softball: Katie Johnson (katelu32@gmail.com)
Major softball: Barry Vredenbregt (badams@madison.com)
Junior & Senior softball: Scott Fossum (scottfossum@gmail.com)