“All Star” Tournament Teams

With the formation of West Madison Travel Teams (WMTT), WMLL “all-star” teams will be different beginning in 2022.

  • BASEBALL “DISTRICT” TEAMS: WMLL will form & field baseball “District” teams at the Little League Age 10, 11, 12, Junior & Senior levels to prepare for & compete in the official Little League (District / State / Regional / World Series) tournament series.
    • The“District” teams will not play in any other tournaments (besides the official Little League tournament series).
    • Click HERE for more information about WMLL’s baseball “District” teams.
  • TRADITIONAL TOURNAMENT TEAMS: The WMLL Board may elect to field a traditional baseball or softball tournament team for at any age level for which either a WMTT team does not exist or there is sufficient non-WMTT player & coach interest to do so.
    • There are, however, no guarantees that a traditional “all star” tournament team will be formed at any age level besides the LL age 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16 levels in baseball for play in the official Little League tournament series.
  • WEST MADISON TRAVEL TEAMS: WMTT is a new program for WMLL players & families looking for additional opportunities for baseball & softball beyond WMLL’s current spring/summer & fall seasons of play.
    •  WMTT teams are intended as an expansion of WMLL’s traditional “all star” tournament teams – WMTT teams will provide significantly more development/practice time and more tournament play than WMLL’s traditional “all star” tournament teams.  The WMTT season begins with indoor winter practice sessions followed by spring/summer practices & tournament play. 
    • Click HERE for more information about WMTT. 


Players selected to a WMLL tournament team are required to pay a participation fee to help defray the costs of tournament entry fees, uniforms, supplemental insurance & other expenses.  WMLL support is available to families in need of financial assistance.


The WMLL baseball & softball tournament team policies include important details related to coach eligibility, application & selection; player eligibility & selection; tournament team fees; etc.

Click HERE for the Baseball Tournament Team Policy
Click HERE for the Softball Tournament Team Policy


  • WMLL baseball tournament or district teams:  Please contact Robb Vogel (rvogel0615@yahoo.com) or Harry Miller (mill7049@gmail.com)
  • WMLL softball tournament teams: Please contact Scott Fossum (scottfossum@gmail.com).
  • West Madison Thunder Travel Team program: Please contact Todd Conkey (tconkey@mac.com) for baseball or Andrew Fritts (afrittsnj@gmail.com) for softball.