Information for Team Representatives

Team rep meetings for 2018

Spring/summer season: tentatively scheduled for April 12 at Vitense Golfland.

Fall Ball: tentatively scheduled for August 22 at 6:30 PM at WMLL  (click HERE for 2017 info sheet)
e: While all Team Reps are welcome to attend, this meeting is designed primarily for NEW Fall Ball Team Reps.

Team representative (team rep) duties

The team rep is a player’s parent who volunteers to assist their team’s coaches with various administrative duties to ensure good internal team communication and the smooth operation off-field team business.  The team rep works closely with the head coach and together they determine the specific duties of that team’s team rep.

Some common team rep responsibilities include:


  • Email distribution list: Prepare & distribute a team email list for notifying families of practices, team news, time changes, etc.
  • Teamsnap or similar team management app: If your team plans to utilize a team management app assist coaches as needed.
  • Team roster: Prepare & distribute a team roster with player & parent names, player uniform numbers, parent phone numbers & emails, etc.
  • Parent / team meeting: If your team plans to have a preseason meetingwith team parents or families, help the coaches plan & conduct the meeting.
  • Uniform distribution: Assist the coaches in distributing team uniforms.
  • Post-game snack program:
    • Baseball: Remind players & parents that through WMLL’s post-game snack program, players get a $2 snack at the concession stand after every game.  Parents prepaid for this program as part of their baseball registration fee.
    • Softball: Softball leagues did not prepay for snacks as some games will be played at Jefferson Middle School (where there is no concession stand).  Team reps can choose to organize team snacks (provided by families) for games at Jefferson & can choose to either collect money to pre-pay for games that will be played at Forward Drive or just let parents pay for the snack directly.  Team reps should also help explain to parents why post-game snacks are handled differently in softball.
  • Safety & behavior expectations: Please remind parents of these important rules.  Additional information is available at 
    • Sportsmanship: Coaches, parents, players, and all spectators should adhere to a high level of sportsmanship and must accept and respect umpire decisions.
    • Player drop offs & pick-ups: For safety reasons, please use the designated “drop off” zone on Forward Drive just to the north of the main parking lot entrance, rather than WMLL’s main parking
    • Do not park in main lot: Any cars that park in WMLL’s parking lot without a WMLL coach’s pass or handicap sticker or plate will be ticketed.
    • Peanut ban: For the safety of players & spectators with peanut allergies, WMLL does not allow peanuts at the ballpark
    • No pets at WMLL: Due to insurance, safety & sanitary reasons, pets are not allowed at WMLL, except for guide dogs for sight-impaired individuals.

All season

  • General communications: Assist with communications between team parents, coaches & WMLL & distribute materials from the coach or WMLL to team parents
  • Rainouts: Notify players & families of rainouts…or remind them to check for themselves using any of the three options available:
    1. Call WMLL’s rain number 274-6556
    2. Check the field conditions page on the website (here)
    3. Sign up for field condition email alerts (here)
  • Volunteer coordination – WMLL’s mandatory service requirement: 
    • Remind parents that in order to make the WMLL experience a great one for our players, WMLL requires one parent / guardian for each player registered to volunteer in some fashion every season…or to opt out of their service commitment by making a special donation when registering ($100 for the spring/summer season & $50 for Fall Ball).
    • A variety of volunteer opportunities exist for individuals to fulfill their service commitment obligation:
      • League officer or board member (three-year term) – view duties
      • League coordinator (1-2 per league / season long commitment) – view duties
      • Head or assistant coach (one of each per team / season long commitment) – view duties
      • Team representative (one pre team / season long commitment) – view duties
      • Spring clean-up day work (one parent per team / one-day commitment) – duties under construction
      • Concession stand worker during a home game (one 2-hr shift or two 1-hr shifts per season per player) – view duties

      Note: Challenger League parents are exempt this requirement so that they can be available to attend to their child’s needs.

      • Schedule parent / guardian service for the concession stand and spring field cleanup and maintenance
        Schedule one team parent to work in the Concession Stand for each of the team’s HOME games. Team Rep should also call or email parents prior to their scheduled work time as a reminder. Work time is 15 minutes before scheduled start of game until the after-game rush is over. Parents have the option of NOT working at Concession Stand by paying a fee of $50 with their child’s WMLL registration. A list of parents who take this option has been provided to coaches (on registration list)…..and team reps are asked to notify the concession stand manager at least 7 days prior to the game dates and times when a parent will not be scheduled to work for that team. This allows the manager time to schedule a replacement. Your team does not need to supply a worker for that game
        Schedule a parent to operate the scoreboard for each game when your team is the VISITOR. Signing up for scoreboard duty does not eliminate a parent’s duty to sign up to work one game in the concession stand.Concessions worker is for one shift during a team’s home game
        Volunteer must be at least 16 years old (adults preferred)
        Shift begins 15 mins before game time thru “end of game” rush
        It is critical that parents understand how important this is to the operation of the concession stand. Parents must show up on time for their shift. All prices are in $0.25 increments.
        It is recommended that team reps email or call parents the night before the game they are working to remind them of their obligation.
        It is also recommended that team reps provide a list of which parent is working each game to the concession stand. This helps if there is a “no-show” and the team rep is not at that game. Include any “opt outs,” as well, as the stand mgr will have to arrange for a worker on those days.
        Suggested sign-up sheet for volunteer duties (see attached)
        Please be in concession stand 15 minutes before game time and remain until the “after-game” rush is complete. Adults only, please.
        Please drop off a copy of your  team’s volunteer schedule at the concession stand.
        Adults only for Scoreboard operation and umpiring 2017

      What are the appropriate channels of communication for questions or concerns?

      For team issues: Communication within each team is very important. Coaches are encouraged to have a pre-season parents meeting and to always keep communication channels open. The Team Rep is an important part of this process.
      For league & other issues: In most instances, the appropriate League Coordinator is a good place to start.  A full list of the appropriate contact for a wide range of topic can be found HERE.

      Post season

      • Uniform collection: Help the coaches collect team uniforms. Collecting uniforms promptly at the end of the season is very important as unreturned uniforms are expensive for WMLL to replace.
      • Team party: Plan team gatherings…especially an end-of-season party.  Consider inviting your team’s sponsor to thank them (& sometimes they help defray the cost of the party)

      Special events

      • Team pictures: Distribute team picture order forms & assist, as needed, on picture day
      • Little League Night at Miller Park: Promote the event to your team & assist WMLL’s special events coordinator by taking ticket orders from your team, collecting checks & distributing tickets. (event info HERE & ticket sales info HERE)
      • WMLL Nights at the Madison Mallards: Promote the event to your team & if you would like to arrange for your team to sit together at the game, take ticket orders from your team, collect checks, then buy & distribute tickets (event info HERE)
      • Note: Remind parents of the critical role fundraising plays in paying our umpires, concessions staff & groundskeeping staff while keeping registration fees low.  WMLL families are encouraged to support the WMLL concession stand, to attend fun fundraising events like WMLL Nights at the Madison Mallards & Little League Night at Miller Park & to consider other donation & sponsorship opportunities.