WMLL Tournament Teams

In addition to regular season & WMLL league tournament games played at WMLL, WMLL forms a number of WMLL baseball & softball tournament teams, sometimes called all-star teams, at different age levels as an extra opportunity for spring/summer season players & coaches.

Each tournament team plays in a number of area tournaments (determined by the WMLL Board of Directors) &, for most baseball tournament teams, the official Little League tournament.  The earliest tournaments typically are in mid-June & the latest tournaments are typically in the end of july.
Click HERE for the 2020 Tournament Team tournament schedule

Player & Coach Selection
Players are selected based on a combination of voting by players & coaches in their league, a tournament team tryout, tournament team coach evaluations based on regular season games, & player evaluations and ratings provided by other head coaches in their league.  Tournament teams are coached by spring/summer season coaches approved by the WMLL Board of Directors.
Click HERE for key dates in the selection of 2020 Tournament Team coaches & players
Click HERE for a list of 2020 Tournament Team head coaches

Player Participation Fees
Players selected to a tournament team are required to pay a participation fee to help defray the costs of tournament entry fees, uniforms, supplemental insurance & other expenses (WMLL support is available to families in need of financial assistance.)

Tournament Team Policies
The baseball & softball tournament team policies include details of coach eligibility, application & selection; player eligibility & selection; tournament team fees; etc.
Click HERE for the Baseball Tournament Team Policy
Click HERE for the Softball Tournament Team Policy